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LifeKids Promotion Policy

Nursery & Toddler

  • LifeKids promotes children in Nursery to the Toddler room once they are at least 12 months and are a solid walker.

  • During the academic school year through Memorial Day, children in the Toddler room are promoted to the Preschool class after their 3rd birthday. Promotion stops after Memorial Day.

  • Children whose 3rd birthday falls after Memorial Day will be promoted on “Up Weekend” in August.


  • During the academic school year through Memorial Day, children in the Preschool room are promoted to the Pre-K & Kindergarten class after their 5th birthday. Promotion stops after Memorial Day.

  • Children whose 5th birthday falls after Memorial Day, and 4 year olds entering a young 5’s program in the fall will be promoted on “Up Weekend” in August.


  • Children in an Elementary class are promoted to the next class level at the beginning of their next academic school year.

  • Exiting 5th Graders will join the LifeStudents Wednesday programing called "Unplugged" at the beginning of the Summer.

  • Exiting 5th Graders will join the weekend programming called "The Mix" on “Up Weekend” in August. (The Mix: Sat @ 5:30, Sun @ 9:30 & 11:00)

Children remain in their class level until the next promotion date unless given specific permission by the Children's Ministry Director.

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Media Policy


Policies & Procedures


Media Policy


Policies & Procedures


LifeKids Media Policy

Media images and recordings bring life to and help tell the story of LifeChurch's vibrant community, enhance the quality of the information we provide to our members and give visitors an idea of what to expect when they attend our church.

We would like to share media items recorded at our various ministry activities, events and programs in church-produced materials, including, but not limited to, bulletins, posters, brochures, newsletters and other printed materials, social media sites and on the church website.

Accordingly, participation in church activities implies permission for publication of any media recorded, unless a “Media Images Opt-Out Form” has been submitted to the church office, find the link below. . While we reserve the right to photograph and record church events, in an effort to respect your privacy, we will strive to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Any adult may complete the Media Images Opt-Out Form if they do not wish for media items in which they, vulnerable adults in their charge or the minor children for whom they are the parent/legal guardian are prominently featured to be used in publications produced by LifeChurch.
  • Anyone may request a particular media item which prominently features them or those for whom they are the parent/legal guardian be removed from use by submitting a request to the church office. (All requests will be documented.)

Special consideration for media images of minors (Whether or not you opt-out):

  • No identifying information will accompany photos, including names, addresses, email addresses, family members’ names, or schools.
  • If a child is wearing a nametag in a photo, the nametag will be removed using photo editing software.

LifeKids Media Opt-Out Form

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Child Dedication

Child Dedication


Child Dedication is meant to be so much more than a one-time event or service.
It is our hope that ChildD is the beginning of a partnership between you and Lifechurch.

Our Next Child D Event:

Parent Orientation: Thursday, October 24 @ 6 pm (LifeKids Toddler Room)

Celebration Event: Saturday, November 2nd @ 2 pm (In The Corner across the street in the LifeChurch Annex)

Here is an overview of the ChildD process.

Step 1: Watch the two Parenting Talks, Imagine The End and Widen The Circle.

Step 2: Register for the Parent Orientation at the link below. In the registration form you will be asked to complete some “homework” that is discussed in the “Imagine The End” video. In the form please upload a few pictures of each child being dedicated: one sweet and two or more candid shots that may reveal that “real” side of parenting.

The Parent Orientation is where you will get a chance to meet your ministry leaders and gain a better understanding of the preschool environment. During the orientation we will communicate “next steps” and details concerning the upcoming Child D Event.

Step 3: Attend the event! Invite your family and friends to celebrate together and make a commitment to lead your child into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


Below are the two Parenting Talks that each parent is asked to watch. There are many things what we could have discussed, but since we know young parents’ time is limited, we decided to focus on two important topics:


We want to inspire you to invest in the things that will mater most to your child’s future. We want you to know that the most important decision your child will ever make is to put their faith and trust in their heavenly Father. As parents, you will play a significant role in the spiritual journey of your child.


We want to encourage you to surround yourself and your children with people who embody the characteristics you’d like your child to one day portray. We also want to challenge you to widen your circle of influence to include us, LifeChurch.

Homework: Who do I want my child to be?
Write a description of the type of person you want your child to grow up to be. Choose 3-5 words.