Changes to Donuts and Snacks

Hello Life Church! 

This is Kate! I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas season! I wanted to reach out because as some of you may have heard we are planning on letting go of the food aspect of the café. Change can be hard, so we wanted to make sure that you understand why we've made this decision. The mission behind letting go of this part of the café is to open up our opportunity to use those resources differently. 

We spend over $25,000 annually to provide snacks to those who walk through our doors. We always knew we would outgrow being able to offer snacks for everyone. The question was when. We believe that spending $25,000 on food is an indicator that it is time. The original purpose of providing donuts was to facilitate relationship building. We believe that we can still effectively meet that goal by providing hospitality through beverages - and people! 

That's why we want to reallocate those funds to pour into the discipleship aspect of our community. We want to use those funds to more intentionally and purposefully pursue one another - encourage, teach, love, serve one another. We will continue to offer hospitality through the PEOPLE in our Café. Oh hey, by the way... There is room for YOU to join the team, and own the mission we're offering through this ministry! Come talk to me! We love our church, we love our community, and we love the opportunity that this affords us!

So, December 15th and 16th will be the last services we will have donuts and snacks. On the 22nd and 23rd, we will have homemade Christmas Cookies to celebrate Christmas weekend. From that point on, we will serve free coffee and tea. 

I love questions, and myself and the staff would be happy to have more conversation. Please come directly to us to share any concerns or ideas you might have. I look forward to what this means for our church, and love what God is doing in and through each one of us. Below is a quick message from Nathan.

Thanks, Kate!  One of the things I know is that God is Not Done. He is always moving and changing the world. So, we had better get behind what he is doing! I know that God is raising the temperature on discipleship. On growth in maturity and impact as we pour our lives into others. LifeChurch this year will be investing the resources from snacks into helping people grow in their spiritual maturity in Christ. We are trading donuts for discipleship. We want to partner with God’s progress in our attendees and to reach new people for Jesus. I am proud of our church and our staff for their willingness to pursue Christ with everything they have. 

With Love, 

Kate Buckner, Nathan McWherter

Dan Pratt, Rich Allen, Stephen Canfield